Online Research

Quick and easy web search plugin for Eclipse IDE

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With Online Research you can quickly run a Google search from within your Eclipse IDE. Just select a text from the text editor or the console, right click and choose the "Search Online" command from the context menu. Optionally you can use the Ctrl+4 shortcut.

The plugin will open a new window/tab in your default browser with a Google search for the selected terms.

How to use

It's pretty straightforward. Check the screenshots. Of course you can use the Ctrl+4 shortcut instead of the popup menu

from the console
from console

from the text editor
from editor

How to install

Two ways to install Online Research
1. It is available on Eclipse Marketplace, just search for "Online Research"
2. Or straight from the update site


Q: Which browser does Online Research use to run the web search?

A: Online Research uses the browser that is by default associated with .html files by the operating system

Q: Another program opens instead of the browser

A: This happens because your operating system by default opens .html files with this program instead of web browser

Q: Online Research doesn't appear in the context menu of my selection

A: Online Research works only when a meaningful text can be extracted from the selection e.g. from the console or the text editor. If you select a table row, a tree element or some other non-textual element, Online Research won't appeareth